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My Art Account - xx--dotty

___STOCK RULES___</u>

1)  It is strongly suggested that you let me know you used my work, it makes me happy.  I’d also like to be credited on the picture or in the artist’s description... That way people know where you got the stock.  And, like I said... I love seeing the amazing creations that are made with my stock.

2)  If you use my stock off of dA, you must get permission from me (it’s easy guys, just note or comment) and tell me where you plan to use it.  You must also credit me on the work of art.

3)  You must get my permission to use my stock in DA prints, or anything like that.

4)  You can use my stock for any type of artwork, unless specified in the image comments.

5)  You may not redistribute my stock as your own work.

6)  These rules are subject to change, but they probably will not unless I see my stock being abused.

7)  If you have any questions, requests, complaints, or suggestions please, feel free to note me!  I'm always happy to do whatever I can.
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December 17, 2007


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